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Lacking motivation? Wonder how to light the spark?

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

We often hear people say, "I just don't have the motivation." Over time, through successes and failures, there is one clear truth on motivation. We don't lack it. Motivation is within us-all the time. We lack a goal. A goal worthy of investing our time and energy, our motivation, on. Have we ever really lacked motivation to do something we are truly excited about? What enhances or diminishes excitement in something? The realization that we can accomplish it, or the sense that we cannot. In order to maintain enthusiasm towards a pursuit-a goal- there are a few key rules: 1. the goal must be attainable but sufficiently challenging (physically or mentally). 2. there must be a plan in place to achieve the goal (benchmarks or intermediary goals may be required for longer term goals). 3. you have to believe (really believe in your plan) 4. understand that belief in your goal will generate discipline. 5. discipline will create success. All of this can ignite the motivation that lies dormant in all of us. #motivation #ignitethefire #goals #believe #discipline #success

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