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We can also develop specialized courses tailored to your company needs

Solution-Oriented Situation Management                                              

This ground-breaking program introduces participants to effective situation management that supports the highest levels of professionalism and safety when it comes to client service interactions.  Solution Oriented Situation Management begins with effective communication approaches that can serve to achieve immediate results through proper goal orientation and mental framing. We start with the premise that it is better to achieve consensus, compliance, or compromise prior to requiring advanced efforts to resolve a conflict generated by less than ideal  engagement initially.    The course progresses through the interaction continuum presenting strategies for de-escalation and non-violent interventions if faced with conflict, agitation, aggression or even violence.  

This program is ideal for any employment sector that deals with front line client service delivery. From retail, health care, to security or law enforcement, if your staff works regularly with the general public, effective client interactions will lead to positive safety outcomes, improved employee confidence and client satisfaction. 

For advanced security and law enforcement: 

*CYG offers its own unique Model but can provide training & certification in other National or Provincial Models (eg. National Use of Force Management Model)

Power of Discretion                      

Learn the power of discretionary decision making and the 10 key traits that allow for proper utilization of discretion in day to day situations.  


This program is designed for security, regulatory, and enforcement agencies. It can be well adapted to virtually any setting where employees are tasked with assessing situations and unique information sets that don't fit into a perfect 'yes' or 'no' decision.  


Unlocking the ability to make sound decisions with proper use of discretion will empower employees, improve client relations, secure public trust, and ensure accountability.  

Transformational/emerging leadership

Looking to improve productivity, performance, morale? Investing in your leadership team is a sure way to maximize human potential and client services across the tiers of your corporate structure.  


This inspiring course will walk you out of the daily grind and into the forest of opportunity, adventure, and innovation. Learn the vital ways to ensure leadership is not viewed as a position but a pattern of conduct and action.

 From senior levels with years of experience to front-line workers, this program will ensure leadership behavior flourishes in your organization.   

Personal Self Defense                   

Learn the 5 A’s of Self Defense that will ensure proper risk assessments and effective decision making under stressful or risky environments.  You’ll learn key observation skills as they relate to communication that is expressed both verbally and through body language. 

Recognizing signs of threat well in advance will prepare you to manage the physiological responses to stress.  Understand how and why the body responds the way it does in stressful encounters and learn how to manage your reactions to think clearly and respond effectively.  


This course will teach fundamental skills for the most common types of threats, or assaults.  It will teach necessary survival, escape, and evade techniques both in standing confrontations and struggles that lead to fights on the ground.  You will learn to recognize and use everyday items effectively as weapons of opportunity within the bounds of the law.  


Walk-in confidence with awareness and knowledge. 

Arrest and Control                       

This course is exclusive to law enforcement, corrections, and security professionals who have the authority and responsibility to maintain and preserve the public peace.  

Officers will learn the most effective forms of low profile handcuffing both front and rear positions. Our program teaches a "control before cuffing" approach which ensures safe and secure control of detainees prior to export of handcuffs.  

Safe removal strategies from various points and positions will be provided for officers required to remove handcuffs in the field or unsecured locations.


The principles and practical application of safe, effective searching will enhance the supportive control value of handcuffing.  Officers will learn controlled escort techniques that make subject movement more secure and adaptable to embarking and disembarking prisoner transport units.  

Advanced cuffing will cover high profile prone cuffing strategies that encompass our unique Remote Officer High-Risk Encounter (ROHR) strategies that are essential for rural or remote officers that find themselves having to engage in an arrest of one or multiple subjects with limited or no access to back up support.  

Aerosol Projector Course           

(OC Spray)

This course certifies the student/officer in the use of OC Spray. Students will learn

proper deployment, decontamination, cross-contamination concerns, effective use, and limitations. Students will conduct reality-based drills with inert OC Spray. Departments determine the necessity for exposure-based training and the level of exposure (if any) required by the student.


This is a competency-based course with practical and written exams.

Defensible Baton Course            

This course certifies the student/officer in the use of collapsible batons. Students will learn the proper closed and open mode striking techniques using reality-based drills with blue batons and foam batons.


This is a competency-based course with practical and written exams.

women's self-defense                 

Learn the five A's of self-defense. Build your knowledge and understanding of real risk so you can walk confidently and safely in your world. We tailor to adapt to the realities of your day to day life. CYG will not teach you to simply avoid risk, but how to recognize it and manage it within the realities YOU live in every day. 

We offer: 

-Half-day sessions 

-Full day (catered and uncatered options)

-Evening sessions

-Private and personalized hours 

We take the mystery out of risk and threat and put the control back in your hands!  

Ask about our FREE SESSIONS for registered "non-profit organizations" and registered youth groups. 


Contact us for detailed course descriptions, current rates and availability.

*Rental rates may apply for external venues.

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