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Our Mission:

learn from The past.  improve the present.  perfect the future.

CYG offers training, program development, policy/legislative review, audits, security and risk assessment. 

Training programs include:

  • Solution-Oriented Situation Management

  • Note-taking

  • Report writing

  • Incident management

  • Non-violent intervention

  • Situational awareness & enhanced observation skills

  • Job site risk assessment

  • Self defence

  • Basic law enforcement & security defensive systems 

  • Transformational leadership and emerging leadership


Ryan Leef

Chief Instructor

Education and experience:

  • BA Honours Criminology-University of Windsor

  • Former Member of Parliament for Yukon (2011-2015)

  • Member of the Federal Standing Committee for Public Safety

  • Member of the Heads of Corrections Sub-Committee for Use of Force

  • Recognized Expert for Corrections on Use of Force policy development.

  • 15 years of diversified law enforcement including

    • RCMP

    • Corrections Officer

    • Conservation Officer

    • Park Officer-Supervisor

    • Safer Communities & Neighbourhoods (SCAN) Investigator and Deputy Superintendent of Corrections 

  • 20 years as a primary security and enforcement instructor

  • Extensive experience in program development and implementation including curriculum, training, policy and staff development.

A Jim Wagner Reality-Based Personal Protection Certified Company

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