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The dreaded New Year's Resolution

Do you have a New Years Resolution in mind? Will 2021 be the year? How can we all ensure the resolutions we make this year don't join so many past resolutions collecting dust in the closet of "maybe next year?"

We all would like an outcome (or perhaps the idea of it). When we make a resolution, it's often outcome based. This can be our first stumbling block. One could discuss the essential value of goal setting (chose a realistic goal, create short term benchmarks, establish a plan, believe in your plan, allow the discipline to produce results), yet we need to tackle the first core element to success.

We must enjoy the process as much as the outcome. In fact, to ever achieve a goal or realize the outcome we desire, we really need to love the process MORE than the expected end result.

I would love, for example, to play the piano. The ability to play with natural fluidity along a suite of shimmering keys would be such a gift. Let's face it though.....very few people are born with the ability to just play the piano. Years of dedicated study and practice, a process, is required. Imagine disliking that process? That's me.....the thought of slowly plinking away, practicing the most basic of keys and tunes for years is not appealing. I don't think I would enjoy the process it would take to get there. Hence, I will never (nor should I expect to) play the piano. As much as the outcome seems like a wonderful thing, even if I dedicated my self with intense effort to the process would I actually see it through?

If we chose an outcome that we would like, we first need to ask ourselves not so much "Am I prepared to put in the effort?" but rather "Will I enjoy the process of getting there?"

Not just, can I or will I put in the effort? But, will I love the effort?

If you can love the steps, the stages, the process, the work, the study, the research, the learning, the pain, the ups & downs, the wins and the loses along the may find an outcome you didn't even expect.

This New Years set a goal for yourself. Find something you would love TRYING to achieve not just something you would like to achieve.

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